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London Schools Symphony Orchestra


Her playing is natural and flexible. When we were rehearsing simple musical passages which were apparently straightforward to execute, she was able to reveal new aspects of listening, responding and connecting with the young musicians in the room. She also has a lightness of approach supported by a seriousness of intention. She was admired by both students and professional colleagues. The members of the LSSO were the fortunate beneficiaries of her graceful musicality. She was technically in command of the music and acutely sensitive to the rehearsal environment and to what our young players required to realise their potential. It was a delight to have her with us. She is both a highly accomplished pianist and a very fine musician.

Artistic Director: Peter Ash

Taiwan Wuling Philharmonic




Yencheng Yu, Conductor at Wuling Philharmonic


Peize adjudicator’s report


A mature account by an experienced and assured pianist! There was a clear grasp of the overall structure, the text was read with admirable attention to detail, and rhythms were kept lively throughout. It says much for her powers of concentration that she appeared undisturbed by the loud intrusion of fire alarm during the opining page of Adagio. The elusive Finale was presented with rare skill.

It was an uplifting experience to encounter of such integrity.


Very Highly Recommended.


Adjudicator:   Niel Immelman










                                                                           陈浩  撰写于中国杭州美丽的西子湖畔畔




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